Transitioning in Dignity: Sovereign will Help Your Family

The death of a loved one can be a devastating event in our lives. Many a time, we enjoy the times we share with our loved ones and the people that we care about. When they pass on, it usually leaves us remorseful and for most people, it may hard be to accept that the persons they loved or cared for have really gone. Funeral homes like the Sovereign funeral home Gold coast services exist to ensure that the transition of your loved one takes place in a loving and respectful way.

Who we are

Funeral Home Gold CoastAt Sovereign funerals, we ensure that the funeral preparation services for your loved ones are done in a professional manner. We have been in this industry for over a decade now. During this period, we have worked with thousands of clients and ensured that their loved ones transitioned to the next life in a manner that was dignified. We believe we can do the same for you and your family. As a leading funeral home Gold Coast has, we know that we will deliver in a manner that would be respectful to your and your relations during this time when you have lost your loved one.


Our services

Some of the services that we offer as a leading funeral home in Gold coast include funeral preparation services. In this service we work with you in all aspects of the funeral. These will include your preference on whether you want the funeral to be a religious one or not. In the event that you would like to cremate your loved one, we also work with you in all the preparations involved. The licensing that is needed for the burial or cremation services is also going to be dealt with by our team of specialized professionals. Other aspects of the funeral services like the flowers, the equipment needed and even the location are going to be dealt with by our team. All you need to do is to let us know the way you like the whole process be carried out.

Our packages

For the basic package that includes cremation with no funeral service, we will ensure that we seek the relevant license for the cremation. We will also advice you on the location that you can perform the cremation services. We will also cover the mortuary fees that you have incurred. At Sovereign Funeral Home Gold Coast, we will transport the body of your loved one from the mortuary to the area where the cremation service is supposed to take place. A coffin is also going to be made for your loved one. Other things that we will do in this package is that we will pay for the cremation fees and the cremation permit that is needed. We will also process the death certificate that is needed for the cremation. Apart from that, our funeral home Gold Coast is going to place a death notice of your loved one on our website.

Another package that we offer is the funeral service. In this package our memorial service Gold coast will strive to understand the core things that you will need during the whole service. This will include such things as nature of the service, licensing that is needed to carry out the service and other detailed things like order of the service and persons to be invited. As a resident of Gold Coast, you can be sure that your loved ones’ memorial service in Gold Coast would indeed be respectful. Please visit

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