Things to keep in mind while choosing the perfect school for your kids

In Australia, the total number of students enrolling in schools between the academic year 2014-2015 has grown by 1.5 percent; that is, 56,872 children were added to a total of 3,750,973. This increase was more prominent in government schools (1.6 percent) than non-government schools (1.4 percent). Within the private sector, the total number of children attending independent schools increased by 2 percent while those going to Catholic schools increased by 1 percent. With such a huge increase in kids going to schools, many schools have also sprung up all over Australia. With such a huge choice of schools in Eltham, it becomes difficult to choose an ideal one for your children.

Most people are constantly besieged by their friends and relatives who want to decide as to which school should you opt for your kids. And this concern plagues them perpetually. To help such anxious parents, here are a few tips that may be followed for selecting one of the responsive schools in Eltham.

Look beyond the tag: You can never understand everything just by the “public” or “private” labels. Therefore, it is a folly to remove a school from your list simply on the basis of how it is governed. Also you should do more homework than just looking at the school’s exam scores and demographic data. May be you are a product of a private school and have imbibed a lot of diverse calibre from your school, and so you want to enrol your kid to a government school only. But this is not right; you may find adults from your school who lack diverse qualities and have pursued higher academics.

 So, it’s the individual talent, keenness and family background that make the real difference. The school cultivates and nurtures the innate parts present in your child. So you must look for Eltham schools, which are racially, economically and ethnically diverse so that your kid grows up to be a responsible citizen with sympathy and respect for fellow countrymen.

Ask everyone from parents to children: There are some people who begin their search for best schools in Eltham by attending school fairs and orientation sessions. You may also get relevant information about demography and overall performance of the students from various portals that collect and compile parents’ opinions and reviews about their kids’ schools. You may talk to your neighbours and friends about the matter and may also approach the teachers asking them which school would they prefer for their own children.

 Also, it is very important to talk to children as their perspective is very valuable because they go through the education system each and everyday. This task involves a lot of commitment and patience, but you will get to learn a lot.

Pay a visit to prospective schools: Your next task is to visit each of the prospective schools in Eltham during the daytime to observe the teachers in class and how they communicate with the children, parents and among each other. You must also pay attention to the teacher-student ratio and whether the students are being engaged by their teachers. Check out Ivanhoe Grammar School

Your basic sense of comprehension will guide you to understand whether the school is suitable for your children: Are you willing to spend some more time in the classroom? Is the teacher available to talk to you after the class? Are the kids working on their tasks or chatting among themselves? These few primary questions should be enough to understand the standards of the school. Also don’t just be confined to visiting the grade your kid will enter, spend some time in few others too in order to get a feel of the place.

In the end, you will have to settle for a school based on your understanding of its suitability. Follow your instincts; they mostly don’t go wrong.

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