Five Quick Tips for Choosing a Special Occasion Catering Service in Melbourne

The quality, appearance and flavor of the meal served in a special occasion can make or break the event. You should, therefore, put much thought on the kind of caterer you choose to do the cooking during your event. If you think that looking for a good caterer isn’t really important, look at it this way – a good caterer can save an event that headed for the rocks and a bad caterer spoil a well-planned event by sending guests to the restrooms. There are many services specializing in special occasion catering Melbourne has to offer. Distinguishing between the good and the bad can be downright overwhelming. This tips will help you narrow down to the very best catering Melbourne service.

1. Experience of the Chef and Kitchen Staff

Surprisingly, the number of years a company has been in business doesn’t always translate to great cooking experience. The experience and background of the chef and his kitchen staff is what matters most. It is the chef who is going to determine the outcome of the meal and whether your visitors enjoy it or not. So check that the chef and his staff have experience is preparing meals similar to the one you want. Check out Essential Caterer.

2. Insurance

Reputable companies that provide food catering Melbourne wide do have insurance. Insurance protects the employees of the company and prevents you from having to deal with recourse should an accident happen. You’ll be held legally responsible should anything go wrong while working with an uninsured caterer. If a caterer does not have insurance, it is definitely a red flag.

3. Reputation

Of course, you’ll need to check the reputation of the catering service you’re considering. It is best to start by checking online sites such as Angie’s List, Wedding Wire and Yelp for the company’s ratings and reviews. But online reviews are not always authentic and reliable so don’t stop there. The very best caterers Melbourne offers provide their clients with references. So ask a caterer for two or three references who can you call to validate the information given by the caterer regarding their quality of services. If the caterer is not willing to provide references move to the next one.

4. Flexibility with Menu Options

Most Melbourne catering services have standard menus for their customers to choose from. Some will strictly follow their menus, but others will provide some level of customization to adapt to your specific needs. Go with the latter. An outstanding caterer will be willing to provide an amazing meal that matches more specifically with your event theme and special dietary needs.

5. Ability to Handle Your Type of Event

A caterer cannot be perfect in all types of events. If he professes to be good in everything, that’s a red flag that you should be wary of.  A competent caterer has areas of catering they specialize in. In actual fact, you might find that a greatly reputable caterer is not fit for you simply because they don’t have sufficient experience in your specific type of event. So when interviewing your catering service you need to be specific about the type of event you are going to be holding. Choose one which specializes in that specific event. Read more at