Bangkok is the Host for Several Indian Restaurants

Are you craving for a mouthwatering Indian cuisine in Bangkok? Because of its popularity, there are many restaurants in Bangkok serving exclusive popular Indian menu. Of course, Bangkok is one of the popular places where you find hotels and restaurants serving a variety of foods; like Italian food, African exclusive cuisine and so on. But what makes an Indian restaurant in Bangkok popular is that it is Indian not only in the food but also in its environment. As many people point out, you feel at home as you enter these popular Indian restaurants in Bangkok.

Experienced Chefs

The hotels have chefs of Indian origin, and they are sufficiently experienced in preparing traditional Indian foods. In fact, some of the hotels have drawn chefs from North and South India so that they would prepare exclusive regional Indian foods. In fact, many of the chefs working in an Indian restaurant in Bangkok earlier worked in some of the popular restaurants and hotels in India.

The popularity of Indian restaurants located in Bangkok is not only because of the exclusive Indian cuisine they prepare; it is also because of other exclusive services and other facilities provided there. A brief insight into these exclusive services offered by an Indian restaurant in Bangkok is provided here:

  • Many of these Indian hotels are rooftop hotels, and in fact, some of the hotels are located on the 29th floor or 35th floor and so on. Naturally, it would be a wonderful place to dine with your loved ones, enjoying the spectacular view of the places around the hotel.
  • The hotels have exclusive conference halls and party halls where you can even conduct meetings or conferences and seminars. In fact, these hotels are considered ideal for conducting wedding ceremonies and also wedding parties, birthday parties and son. The restaurants undertake to appropriately decorate the venue with flowers and lighting. They also decorate the tables appropriately. The entire decoration is done keeping in view the event that is being conducted.
  • The hotels undertake to serve customized food for the event. Some of the Indian hotels have party halls where 300 guests could be accommodated. Apart from a spacious venue for holding the event, the party halls provide other facilities like few separate rooms en-suite party hall, separate bathrooms and so on.
  • These hotels also undertake outside catering service. Normally, this service would be available within certain specified areas identified by the hotels. Apart from this, the hotels have drawn out exclusive lunch and dinner packages. In addition to the dinner package, the hotels also serve various other types of Indian food both in the Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian categories.
  • Interestingly, some of the hotels have an exclusive choice of food on certain days in the week. In fact, some of the Indian hotels observe Wednesdays as Ladies‘ night and Thursday as Men’s day. On those days, exclusive drinks and selected menus are served. Similarly, the hotels will have a selected menu for weekends, festivals and so on.

Book Your Table

The service charges of these hotels are not expensive. You can book the table either by calling the helpdesk or sending SMS or even online.

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